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Hello again... I hate how this auto-double spaces everything, but you'll get the idea.

Episode 3

(7PM, AOL Private chat between Agent Gregory Averet and the killer)

AAveret: Hello

EyeCU2: Hello Agent Gregory Averet. Your reputation precedes you, I assure. Valedictorian of your graduating class with a masters in Criminal Justice specializing in criminal psychology on a fencing scholarship... but that didn't work out for you. You got injured, but covered it up by saing you'd rather serve the greater good for your country.

AAveret: What the hell? I told no one of that injury.

EyeCU2: I'm not a dumbass Agent; don't treat me like one. Any half-minded simpleton could see it in the way you walk.

AAveret: Let's just cut to the chase; why did you kill that man?

EyeCU2: Couldn't you have figured it out already? It's the last dance between you and I, and sooner or later one of us is going to die. So as to your question... you figure it out.

EyeCU2 has signed off.

"Damn, I almost had him," he said in reference to a new FBI technology that provided a plethora of online weapons at their disposal. Though clearly they had not been perfected yet.


Catalina thought about trying to alleviate her guilt in some way, but couldn't find any good comfort. The bar was opening in a few minutes, hopefully the customers could be the listening ear for once. Of course they wouldn't, but that was the way of things. Quickly the door opened, permitting Sarah McMillan entrance. Catalina was almost sure that Sarah was the only straight girl in town, and with an agenda at that. Everyone knew that Jarrod Clarkson was her special project.

Sarah was a pure Irish girl; tall, long brunette hair that settled at just under her shoulders, gleaming green eyes that could illuminate a dark room, and a figure that was the envy of every woman this side of the Atlantic.

"Hello Catalina."

"Miss McMillan, good evening," Catalina replied, in her best attempt to paint on social graces, "What can I get for you?"

"Just a listening ear."

"Oh shit, here it comes," Catalina thought to herself.


Jarrod and Aaron stood at Aaron's apartment door. Hand in hand, they pulled eachother closer. They kissed deeply; tongues and hands probing, Aaron had one hand opening the door, the other feeling its way up Jarrod's shirt, exploring his muscular textures.

"Sarah's got nothing on me."


Episode 4

Agent Gregory Averet and Medical Examiner Chris Al-Adonai stood in front of the press core. Al-Adonai had had lived in Sanctus City for nearly 20 years and had never seen this many people. He silently bet with himself that his homeland of the United Arab Emerates had less people in it than the group assembled before him.

Averet adressed the crowd first,

"Due to the nature of this investigation we cannot release all information, please take that into consideration as you ask questions."

A dark man stood up,

"Do you hace an ID on the murdered man?"

Al-Adonai took the question,
"Yes, we matched his dental records to that of a Mr. Jaden Buchanon.He was visiting the town on," with some trepidation in his voice, "business."

A red headed woman took her turn,

"What was his occupation?"

Averet replied,

"We believe he was a male prostitute. Examination discovered 14 different semen samples in him."

There was a collective gasp from the croud as Averet continued,

"If that will be all; good day."



Jarrod screamed, and it was over. Not a violent scream, just one of intense passion. Aaron looked up at him with a glazed euphoria covering his visage. Jarrod pulled off and layed next to Aaron, quickly falling asleep. For Aaron however, sleep wasn't as easy to come by. He layed on his side staring at his friend, his love, his everything. Jarrod was almost completely asleep, but still coherent. Aaron kissed Jarrod very lightly and Jarrod moaned softly as he finally drifted to sleep. Aaron did his best to get out of bed without awakening Jarrod. He slowly lumbered to the kitchen; limping made the journey longer than necessary. Jarrod sometimes like it a little too rough. The doorbell rang. Aaron wasn't wearing anything, but he didn't care. He opened the door wide to see who had disturbed him... It was Agent Averet.

"Did I catch you at a bad time, Mr. Delianus?"

"No, come in," Aaron said, completely unabashed, "Help yourself to the drinks."

"Thank you, but I can't drink on the job," he said, surveying Aaron's body, "perhaps you would like to dress yourself?"

Aaron walked to his bedroom, mumbling to himself,

"That's the problem with the government these days, can't appreciate a tight ass and a good cock when they see it."

Jarrod was still asleep, but dry humping a pillow.

"Poor kid is too horny for his own good."

He pulled on a pair of his tightest jeans... no boxers and no shirt. Damned if Averet wasn't going to get a good look at some bulge and his ripped chest. Aaron stopped at his bed on the way out and rubbed Jarrod's cock. Jarrod moaned out,


Aaron didn't hear it at first, then when it registered he felt an inconcealable rage. Breifly it died, Aaron understood that Jarrod was conflicted in the sexuality department, but still bothered him. Pushing it out of his mind, Aaron walked back into the living room.

"Agent Averet, how can I help you?"

"Dr. Al-Adonai believes you were involved in the murder of Jaden Buchanon."

"WHAT?! I would never kill anyone."

"I know, Aaron."


"I don't think you'd kill anyone you had sex with."


Episode 5


"Jarrod, calm down."

"How long ago Aaron?"

"2 days."


"What, that I might not be a bottom anymore?"

"No, THAT YOU FUCKED A PROSTITUTE THAT DID 13 OTHER TRICKS THE SAME NIGHT! AND BAREBACKED HIM AT THAT. AIDS KILLS. We might both have it," Jarrod's tone tapered down, "Wee need to get checked, but either way, we're over."

It was Aaron's turn to say something, but he couldn't. He knew he'd been wrong in what he'd done.


Aaron never did get checked. He was going to, in fact, he was on his way to get checked; but he was kidnapped and murdered in an alleyway. Painted in Aaron's blood on the wall were the words:

"To Agent Gregory Averet and Examiner Thomas Blackburn; if you both do not leave town immediately, more will die."

The last few words were underlined several times.

Sarah stood outside the crime tape, waiting for details. She held the distraught Jarrod in her arms. Though he'd been furious at Aaron, he still loved him. Sarah McMillan certainly had no love lost on Aaron Delianus, and might have even been happy that Aaron was dead; but she had to paint on her sad faice. She made no small secret that she hated Aaron, but Jarrod didn't need that right now. Averet walked up suddenly.

"Mr. Clarkson, could you excuse Miss McMillan for a moment."

He let her go, but said nothing.

"Walk with me Sarah."

"What's up Greg?"

"Sarah, I love you like my sister."

"Half-sister," she interrupted.

"... like my half sister, and if you're comitting these murders you need to let me know."

"Why would you care?"

"Mother, God rest her soul, would roll in her grave if I wasn't taking care of you. And if you did kill Jaden and Aaron," his voice went to a whisper, "I'll get you out of here."

"I'm not going anywhere Greg.... and I didn't kill anyone."

She spun on her heel and walked away with lady-like grace.

Hopefully you enjoyed it, the last episode was better than the first two in my opinion... for clarification: Greg Averet and Sarah McMillan are half-siblings, sharing the same mother, but different fathers... and somebody is Averet's daughter, but you figure that out later.



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