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Chapter 4: Craig Stancevich

5 A.M. is way too early to face the day. I heaved myself out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Certainly very well built, but I see room for improvement. Spending my life on a surfboard will do that. Anyway; I wonder why the nexus of human thought is the bathroom. As steaming hot water ran down my body, I couldn't help but think about Christine. I'm hurting this girl and she doesn't even know it. I don't know why I'm cheating on her... this water won't wash away my sins.

Christine's car is roaring in my driveway... time to be going. Charging out the door while still struggling to put on a shirt is no fun.
"Can't you just leave it off.... you look better that way anyway," Christine complained through her window. I couldn't think of a decent reply. Every time my mouth opened, I couldn't make a sound. What the hell am I thinking? Pulling into the school parking lot we passed a group of girls.
"Fucking whores," Christine whispered, almost completely imperceptibly under her breath. For a moment my eyes caught those of the girl I had betrayed Christine for, Molly Hendricks.

Exiting the car, I walked to Christine's door, opening it for her. She looked me deeply in the eyes and kissed me so passionately. I felt so sick with myself, but I realised that I could never tell her. What the hell have I done? Once I had gotten Christine out of my head, the day sped quickly.

Math class was last period of the day. Christine's little brother has the same class. Matt's a good kid, but he worries me a little bit. Something about him... I don't know. Walking into the classroom, I saw Matt pushing his hair out of his eyes. The dark blonde locks came to his upper lip, if he wanted it to; but it was usually held back by a hat of some sort.
"Hi Craig," he said; not even looking at me. That was always spooky. Matt seems to be able to sense people, and that's always bothering.
"Hey there little Chitteden." He despised the name, giving me that death-like glare. I'd swear, he could eat a hole through lead with that look.

Class lagged onward without much development. Actually, I wouldn't know, most of the time ends up being discussion with Matt.
"I just don't see the big deal, Matt, he was over the line and you know it."
"I still think he got cheated, the refs were bullshit... hold up... I need to go to the bathroom."

Matt strode out of class, gently excusing himself from the teacher. I looked down quickly... one of Matt's journals were on the floor, splayed open, cover down. HE's always so secretive about those blasted journals; maybe if I read just one page. Picking the book up, I briefly scanned the page... I never would have thought that Matt was gay.


The hallway was quiet and empty. I like that... no over-zealous deans trying to fill a detention quota. Why does this bathroom always reek? Just the most foul human smell. I think I agree with Nietzsche... we're a disease.

After a painfully, and unearthy long piss, I headed back to class. The bell was getting ready to ring, and everyone nervously stared at the clock. Silent screams of "come on" filled the room.

Finally, sweet release with just a bell's ring. Springing from my chair, my movement suddenly was arrested.
"Matt, let's talk... outside."
"Shit, what's going on?"
"Craig, what the hell are you talking about?" trying to keep my calm.
"YOU'RE A FUCKIN' FAGGOT!" he screamed even louder.
Oh shit, my mind raced... what do I do? This can't be good.
"If you tell anyone, so help me, I'll--"
Craig interrupted, "--You'll do what?"
Ok, time to improvise... think fast Chitteden. Then it came to me:
"Craig, if you tell anyone, I'll tell Christine that you're cheating on her."

Ok, so as far as I knew, that was a lie, but judging by the look on his face, I'd discovered something very, very true.
"Faggot, I should deck your ass right here and now."
"You won't... I know you won't."
This bluffing game was getting far too dangerous... time to get out.
"Look, Craig, I need to go... just remember: I know everything."

Who knew that the bluff of the MILLENIA payed off, but I was more pissed off that Craig was just a turn-coat fuck. Who can call themselves a good person if they'd dump a friend just because of sexual preference. I still don't think I'll ever quite believe how lucky I'd just gotten. I should probably tell Zach... it's just a matter of time now... the clock is ticking.


Chapter 6 is from Christine Chitteden, which picks up directly after Chapter 5.

In a side note: I know you're talking shit about me. Kindly stop.

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